3 thoughts on “My letter to supporters of Another Europe Is Possible

  1. Hi Charles….I am still try to work out just what went wrong in the UK Referendum. Forget the headline hitting lies and bad tempered uninformed media debates. I and a very wide number of friends of all ages groups and social economic backgrounds all voted to remain….we know of only one couple who voted out. The post vote analysis suggested that it was the older generation that voted out but that I just don’t believe. Firstly I am from that group and as mentioned not aware of any friends wishing to leave the EU. The younger voters certainly wanted to remain and to be frank they are the generations that really matter. Secondly from all the pre and post vote comment that are widely reviewed it would appear that it is racial hatred (not simply immigration) that was the key motivator to vote out. Certainly not any economic benefits or losses not even the poor record of bad EU bureaucracy and its costs. This seems to emanate from regions rather than socio groups that have suffered and have had little real support such as mining and steel areas….no prospects, no jobs, no money apart from benefits and a loss of faith not in europe but in their own UK Government (of both main parties). Do they see any future out of the EU….well at the moment they don’t see why we haven’t shut the door and closed borders and not allow anyone in….with that mindset it is hard to be logical. The biggest tradegdy was that this was a vote we didn’t need to have a vanity vote for a Conservative leader who miss read his own party, definitely a fight he didn’t need to have. Not sure what the reality will actually be.

    • Oh, David, I couldn´t agree more with you. A hugely sad and worrying turn of events. The spike in hate crimes – even a murder – shows what genie has been let out of the bottle by this crazy idea. I´ve no idea how it´ll all pan out. We were over in the UK on the run up to the vote, the level of “debate” was simply appalling. I do know a few who did vote for, it´s all about “getting our country back” a vague and nebulous phrase. I know there is a huge amount wrong with the EU, but it has to be corrected from the inside – as Varoufakis is trying to do. Now there´s a man that has been unjustly vilified.

      • Being out of the EU is rather like running away from a problem and as we know nothing ever gets sorted out that way. Maybe some common sense will come into play and we collectively find a middle way. But if we are brutally honest and look at the USA you have to say many unpleasant and radical social changes seem to be underway. Sad and worrying.

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