One form of creative work that I really enjoy, and find hugely fulfilling, is working with other artists. The poet Bob Burden has used my photography as a touchstone for his work. The products of this joint work have resulted in the, and here I use the old film developing term,”super-additivity” of “The Keeper´s Cottage” and “Soldier´s Rock“. And now I´ve just finished a project with Mike Stanton. Mike, a Texan who lives in Munich Germany,  is not only an excellent mountaineer but also an extremely accomplished composer and musician. A few months ago I listend to his piece, “Alone”, and was immediately captivated by it, and wanted to set the emotions it generated in me to pictures. The result is this video, which I shot with my wife over two evenings, and which I spent the better part of last week editing. For me it had to be black and white and at night. I´ve tried to illustrate not only the feelings of isolation and “aloneness” but also the counterpoint of strength that I felt within this piece. I love this subtle piece of music and have tried to do justice to it with my pictures and edit.

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