Remembering the Dead


For this Remembrance Sunday I´ve posted two pictures. They were taken 5 years apart, in two different countries, in completely different environments, the styles and lighting are completely different, but non the less they share the same reason for being. The first one, taken in 2008, is of German Great War graves in the municipal cemetery in Landshut. They are in a quiet corner and rather low-key. The second is of an unknown sailor of the Great War taken this year at the Kilnaughton Military Cemetery on the Island of Islay. This very small cemetery, only holds about 12 graves and stands close to the shores of Kilnaughton Bay with the graves facing out to sea. As is clear, both photographs are of graves from the Great War, the war to end all wars, but they are of enemies. I find it appropriate to show the dead of both sides because I now stand with a foot in each of these countries, my family is from both sides of that once deadly divide and illustrates, for me at least, the appalling waste of such wars – any wars, in fact.

German Great War Graves Charles Kenwright

German Great War Graves, Landshut, Germany
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Kilnaughton War Cemetery Charles Kenwright

Kilnaughton War Cemetery, Islay, Scotland
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