Pond – A Soundscape


This soundscape is part of a long term project called “12 Monaten” I´m making about an ex military training ground near Landshut, Bavaria, Germany. First you can hear general sounds from around the pond, then, using a hydrophone, I´ve recorded the sounds in the water. What you can hear are various insects stridulating. I think the louder stridulations are made by Notenecta glauca – in English water boatman or backswimmer and in German, Gemeiner Rückenschwimmer. It´ll be interesting to record sound here as the year progresses, the water becomes warmer and more animals both invertebrate and vertebrate become active, for example toads and frogs.

Wind Turbine Soundscape


A few months ago I visited the new wind turbine that´s been erected near where I live. Visually   it´s obviously eye catching, but what really caught my attention were the noises emanating from it, so I decided to return not just armed with my photographic gear, but also my sound recording equipment too. To capture the sound I used a stereo microphone set to 120 degrees, a shotgun microphone and a contact microphone. The contact microphone was attached to various parts of the structure – most of the sounds picked up by the contact microphone were generated by the turbine but a few were caused by me either striking or stroking the structure. I then edited the sounds together, some of them have been slightly manipulated. This is best heard with either good speakers or headphones.

Gilfklamm, Meran, South Tirol, Italy.


This ravine on the Passer River is part of the Periadratic Seam or Fault, which runs through the Southern European Alps to Hungary. Simply put, the left bank in the photo is Europe and the right, Africa. I was there a couple of weeks ago and both photographed also recorded sound. I used various microphones – 120 degree stereo, shotgun and a hydrophone for recording under water. The photography was done using my trusty Nikon D800 with Lee ND Filters. I´ve mixed the sound into a soundscape and added a couple of shots to make it also visually interesting.

Gilfklamm, Meran, South Tirol, Italy copyright: charles kenwright/ www.openmind-images.com

Gilfklamm, Meran, South Tirol, Italy copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com