Flood water, River Isar, Landshut, Bavaria, Germany


Maxwehr Landshut charles kenwright

Maxwehr Hydro Power Station, Landshut, Germany
copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

We´ve been having tremendously heavy rain here for quite a while and the flooding in parts of central Europe is pretty bad. The River Isar flows through the centre of Landshut and is used by a hydro power plant, the Maxwehr. The mass of water flowing down the Isar is so huge after the rains they´ve had to open the flood gates to let the water through. A lot of people here are having to pump out their cellars, because the water table has risen so much. But we´re still lucky in comparison to cities like Passau or Prague.

As an aside, when the Maxwehr was opened in the early 1950s it could provide Landshut with100% of it´s electricity, now it provides just 8%! It´s amazing how much our need for electricity has increased in just over 50 years!