Britain: For the Love of God, Please Stop Theresa May

Benjamin Studebaker

On June 8 (this Thursday), Britain has a general election. I care deeply about British politics–I’m doing my PhD at Cambridge. But more importantly, Theresa May’s government has managed the country’s economy and public services with stunning fecklessness, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do my part to point this out.

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5 thoughts on “Britain: For the Love of God, Please Stop Theresa May

      • Miracle indeed….but I guess the best we can expect is enough opposition in Parliament to keep the Tories in check. However and there always is an however the next Tory target will be May if the majority is reduced…so more back biting and media hype to come

  1. Yes, Strong and Stable. Has the woman no shame – she´s trying to salvage whatever credibility she might have by doing a deal with bigoted, homophobic medievalists?

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