Isarspitz, Landshut, Germany

Isarspitz, Landshut, Bavaria, Germany copyright: charles kenwright/

Isarspitz, Landshut, Bavaria, Germany copyright: charles kenwright/

I´ve had a couple of odd weeks. After working flat out preparing for my exhibition which starts on the 28th of October, I handed my prints over to the framer a couple of weeks ago. It was quite a shock, really – what should I do now? And for a number of days I felt rather flat – but only for a while.

We´ve had a real Indian Summer here, but as the days progressed towards October, so the temperature has started to drop. Most mornings we had a fair amount of mist around. I had a shot in mind that needed this sort of early morning mist. It´s a landing stage on the River Isar, it looks east towards the early morning sun. So I thought that it would be perfect for a misty morning. Last week I went there to check it out – but as is often the way, things in theory don´t match the reality. The landing stage had a rather annoying sign on it – I´d never really taken notice of it before. Maybe it was because I´d often run past it and what with not stopping, just giving it a glance, I´d missed the sign. I guess I could have done it anyway and photoshop it out – but it took me out of my stride. Fortunately just a little further up the path, where the Klein Isar meets the Isar there is a rather photogenic point of land with water on both sides. So I took this shot instead. The observant amongst you will notice that´s it´s actually in colour, not black and white as has been my wont for many months lately. So now I have to prepare a print on demand catalogue for the exhibition, which I´d better get on with.

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