New Fish Ladder near Kaufering, Bavaria Germany

I´ve just finished a new video for Uniper Energie here in Germany. It documents their new fish ladder  on the River Lech near Landsberg, Bavaria, Germany. This is the second fish ladder that I´ve documented and they´re enormous fun to make. As with the last one we used a drone for the aerials, a GoPro Hero 4 for the underwater shots and a Nikon D800 for the “normal” stuff. For the sound recording I used a Zoom H6 recorder with a stereo mike as well as a hydrophone to supplement the mike on the GoPro (which, by the way, is not bad!). For the edit I used Premiere Pro and Speed Grade for the colour grading.

We had to film it after the construction work was finished but before the opening at the beginning of April, which only gave us a couple of weeks in March. Fortunately we had a couple of good sunny and relatively windless days for the shoot – I write windless because it makes the aerials a lot easier if you’re not fighting a wind as well. By the way, the “we” really means Kerstin Erbe and me, a compact team if ever there was one! The voice-over was spoken by Jörg-Peter Urbach 

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