Landshut Sunset – Monochrome

Sunsets don´t just have to revolve around colour – they may well have elements in the composition that look better in monochrome. I´ve converted yesterday´s post to monochrome, admittedly with a lot of tweaking, to compare the scene with and without the “clutter” of colour. Maybe it´s just my love of black and white, but I prefer this one. Comments welcome – what do you prefer, or are both crap?!

Sunset Charles Kenwright

Monochrome Landshut Sunset. copyright: charles kenwright/

8 thoughts on “Landshut Sunset – Monochrome

  1. Hi Charles … actually, I like the color one better. I have a faible for b/w images and the “color” seems to be “using” color so sparingly. Basically it is not monochrome, maybe it is trichrome – the orange, the blue, the black if that counts as color. I adore the three layers of color – down the black, the middle dominated by orange and then the blue leading to way up above, to infinity.
    That said, the b/w picture is great, too. It’s simply that the color one “speaks” to me more mysteriously, more emotionally….
    Great work.
    Cheers, Martin

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