Dry Stone Wall, Anglesey Coastal Path, Wales

Anglesey Charles Kenwright

Dry Stone Wall, Anglesey Coastal Path.
copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

I was really impressed with the quality of this dry stone wall – good dry stone wallers (if that´s the right name) are surely worth their weight in gold!

2 thoughts on “Dry Stone Wall, Anglesey Coastal Path, Wales

  1. There is also a Dry Stone Wall Association to keep the art/skill alive. For the Millennium they had a competition in a quarry near us. Stone Waller’s from all over the U.K. had stone from their location in the U.K. delivered then each built, over one weekend, a section in the traditional style for that region. I knew there were different styles of construction of walls and styles but was amazed at the wide variety and ingenuity each region used to create their unique style. Sadly no images it was in the digital infancy when we were still learning the importance of back up….but that is another story.

    • I remember Andy Goldsworthy saying that on one of his landart projects, his dry stone waller´s would put up with his efforts, until he sort of turned his back, and then the´y do it properly! A great and highly under estimated skill!

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