The Munich in Winter Picture Gallery is now online

Charles Kenwright

Down by the railway line, Munich Germany
copyright: charles kenwright/

The “expanding” picture gallery “Munich in Winter” is now online, and can be found here, I hope you enjoy it! Actually I´m off to Munich again, today. I want to photograph a demonstration supporting a multi-ethnic Munich. In case you´ve not heard, there has been a resurgence in Germany of open racism and demonstrations against foreigners and refugees. It´s been orchestrated by a loose group of individuals called Pegida. To compensate for this, in my mind, obnoxious group, counter demos have been organised throughout Germany promoting tolerance and openness to people of all colours, religions and nationalities. So, as I wrote above, I´m off to Munich to photograph it – partly for the story but also because I support the humanist idea behind it.

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