The Kalkkögel early yesterday morning.

Kalkkögel Charles Kenwright

The Kalkkögel, Stubai Alps, Austria.
copyright: charles kenwright/

I took this yesterday morning. I was staying up at the Kemater Alm in the Tuxer region of the Stubai Alps in Austria. The day before had been one of snow storms, cloud and this mountain range was almost completely hidden by cloud – then yestarday it dawned fine with blue skies. The sun was rising behind the range and projecting their shadows up into the sky above them.

10 thoughts on “The Kalkkögel early yesterday morning.

  1. wonderfully black and white. menacing clouds … as if standing behind the mountains. As if they were soldiers standing guard. Backing up the mountains. Alls eems to be visually leading donw to the position of the viewer. Many of the optical lines lead down to the viewer – adding to the menacing atmosphere. A very, very, very good photo. thank you!

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