Early Morning view of the Wetterstein Massif

Zugspitze Charles Kenwright

Looking over towards the Zugspite from the Seekarkreuz
copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

The weather forecast for last weekend was perfect! After a lot of snow early in the week, a high was forecast to appear on Friday, bringing with it good weather and a mixture of sun and cloud for the weekend. So I was up at the Lenggries hut in the Bavarian Prealps on Saturday to photograph the sunset and Sunday´s dawn. But the best laid plans etc. – the weather kicked in rain which basically washed out the photography on Saturday. Non the less on Sunday I was up early, left the hut in the dark and tramped up through soft, wet snow to the summit of Seekarkreuz (1600m) to see what would happen. As it turned out I did get some interesting and moody lighting, which this shot of the Zugspitze (2962m), Germany´s highest mountain, shows. A hole in the clouds allowed the sun to strike the snow fields on the mountain to the right of the Zugspitze for a few minutes.

Then it was down to the hut for breakfast and a welcome coffee. Needles to say, as I came out of the forest on the way down to the car, I was met by warm sunshine. Typical really, but “no pain, no gain” and I was pleased with the results from the Seekarkreuz!


4 thoughts on “Early Morning view of the Wetterstein Massif

  1. there is a bleak fore- and background, menacing, almost. But the patch of bright sunlight saves it all. There is hope!
    Unearthly beauty, one is tempted to say, only that this is definitely planet earth. Very beautiful!

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