Winter´s Return, Wallis, Switzerland

Allalinhorn Charles Kenwright

The Hohlaubgrad and the Rimpfischorn
copyright: charles kenwright/

Winter is never far away above 3000 meters. It had snowed in the night up at the Britannia Hut (3030m) and we awoke to see the rocks around the hut covered in snow. The day was cold, windy and seemed to have jumped a few months into the winter season. The strong winds, though, blew the clouds through at great speed which gave us  constantly changing views. This photograph shows the lower part of the Hohlaubgrat dropping down from the Allalinhorn and, behind that,  the lower part Rimpfischorn lit by the early morning sun.

4 thoughts on “Winter´s Return, Wallis, Switzerland

  1. a magic photo! I normally hate this adjective when applied to anything … but here it’s fitting, I feel. I felt a hypnotic pull into this photo and expected a Hobbit or Gandalf or a Unicorn appearing 🙂 Composition, color, symmetry and contours, blur and focus – everything seems fascinating. Great stuff!

  2. It looks (from Newscast on the TV) that winter has come with a vengeance and very early to parts of North America. May be the weather is going to spring yet another surprise on us all. Still it makes some great images and that is a good un! Cheers

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