The Allalin Glacier, Wallis, Switzerland

Allalin Glacier Charles Kenwright

The Allalin Glacier, Wallis, Switzerland
copyright: charles kenwright/

Yesterday I posted the last couple of meters below the Strahlhorn summit; today it´s a general view taken from the Britannia hut (3030m) looking south. The large glacier is the Allalin Glacier. From left to right, the lower mountain is the Fluchthorn (3790m), behind that is the Strahlhorn (4190m) then comes the impressive Rimpfischhorn (4198m) and the Hohlaubgrad of the Allalinhorn (4027m).

Maybe from here one could ask why it took 6 hours to summit on the Strahlhorn, in fact it does´t look that far away. But what one can´t see from this vantage point is the dead ground which has to be crossed on the right of the picture into the Hohlaub Glacier and then across a couple of rocky ridges before the Allalin Glacier is even reached. In fact, from the hut, 200 valuable meters altitude are lost before the real ascent can begin.

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