Sunset, Stripsenjoch, Kaisergebirge, Tirol Austria

Stripsenjoch Charles Kenwright

Sunset, Stripsenjoch, Kaisergebrige, Tirol Austria
copyright: charles kenwright/

Last Friday I walked up to the Stripsenjoch Hut in the Kaiser Mountains. The sun is sinking behind the Brandenberg Alps, more commonly known as the Rofan Mountain Massif and the Karwendel Mountain Range. Between my camera tripod and the mountains lies the Kaiser Valley and the River Inn.

The limestone Kaisergebirge and particularly the Wilder Kaiser are of seminal importance in the history of mountaineering and rock climbing. It is here that, for over one hundred years, climbers have pushed the limits of what was considered possible. And the mountain refuge hut on the Stripsenjoch ( joch = pass or col) is right next to classic rock climbing mountains like the Predigstuhl, Fleischbank und Totenkirchl.

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