Menhir under a big sky, Carnac, Morbihan, Brittany, France

Menhir Charles Kenwright

Menhir alignments, Carnac, Morbihan, Brittany, France
copyright: charles kenwright/

Menhir are standing stones and the name comes from the Middle Bretton language, and means “High Man or Men” – a very fitting name for them! Carnac has an amazing 3000 of them, the majority placed in alignments (rows). There may have been as many as 6000! The Carnac Menhir date from the Neolithic down to the Bronze Age. The reason why they were built, as with all Menhir, is unclear but maybe they had a religious meaning. We spent the day wandering around this quite  amazing place, I do love Menhir, although no “Menhir-Hugger” ( I saw a few there), I find them awe inspiring. The effort, planning and skill that must have been needed to put them there is impressive to say the least! Although they were erected by people who lived many many thousands of years ago, Menhir is an illustration for me, that these people were “us”, for they must have been awed by them just as we are today. What were these people thinking about, what did the believe when they erected them? We will never know that, but it can´t have been a mere hobby or whim, they were important, they had a meaning or meanings.

Although I´ve taken a lot of photographs here and will publish more of them, I´ve decided to start with this one because it captures a feeling of the place, of the atmosphere under a big sky for me.

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