Lost Shoe, Landshut

Lost Shoe Landshut Charles Kenwright

Lost Shoe, Landshut
copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

I´d just got my D800 back from the cleaners and what did I stumble across in the old town? Yes, a lost shoe! The first one for a while and therefore, even more welcome!

11 thoughts on “Lost Shoe, Landshut

  1. Great….glad you are still on the hunt! With the change in seasons I have moved from gloves to hats (so far only the one). D800 (and D600 for that matter)……well I have gone back to my D700. Still not getting on with the big sensor count.

    • Actually me thinks the pixel count of the 800 and now the 810 is somewhat over the top – the lenses haven´t kept up with it. None the less I am pleased with my 800.
      Cheers and get those hats coming!

      • Nikon used to brag that they were not chasing pixels but developing pixels that captured maximum detail and colour. I find that the colour range and detail is far better on the 700. Maybe I should ditch the 600 and 800 and get a Df!

      • When you see the results of phone cameras it makes you think. Several of the images on my blog are from my 5.2mgp Nokia with the tiniest of lenses. Results not half bad

      • Yes. Compact camera sales have taken a big hit because of smart phones.

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