Schloss Schleißheim, Bavaria, Germany

Schloss Schleißheim Charles Kenwright

Schloss Schleißheim, Oberschleißheim, Bavara, Germany
copyright: charles kenwright/ www,

This is the new Palace built by the Elector, Max Emanuel between 1701 and 1704. He expected the imperial crown and built this Baroque palace in the expectation, which, sadly for him, proved not to be the case, in fact he lost Bavaria for a while in the War of Spanish Succession. Such is life and as Mick Jagger sang, “You can´t always get what you want”.

3 thoughts on “Schloss Schleißheim, Bavaria, Germany

  1. Poor old Max. Still, I expect he didn’t end up in a two-up-two-down in Norrth Shields.
    Great picture, Charles. Those clouds look as though they appeared on demand.

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