Looking across to Europe, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Charles Kenwright

The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey
copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

There is something exciting about standing on borders, you can do that on mountains – one foot in Switzerland the other in France, you can do it between countries, one foot in Germany, the other in Austria, for example. But standing in Asia and looking over to Europe  has a special excitement! The Bosphorus is a wet divide between these two continents. It makes Istanbul doubly fascinating too, standing as it does with one foot in Europe and one in Asia.

4 thoughts on “Looking across to Europe, Istanbul, Turkey

  1. I have never experienced such a place where you can litterally see across the border. Really must be very exciting. Even though we might want to borders to dissapear and we live in a united world. The photograph itself is really nice. The clouds give it a sense of drama and excitement. Cheers.

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