Sahara Sunset, Rotwand Summit, Bavaria, Germany

Rotwand summit Charles Kenwright

Sahara sunset from the Rotwand summit.
copyright: charles kenwright/

I wrote yesterday that although the Sahara sand effectively ruined the chance of a chocolate box type sunset, mixed with the clouds it did produce an interesting sky. For me it was worth standing around on the summit of the Rotwand!

The Rotwand (1884m) lies in the Mangfall range of mountains which form part of the Eastern Pre-Alps south of Munich. They afford wonderful views, weather and Sahara permitting, of the Stubai, Zillertal and Bavarian Alps. We could see the Grossvernediger, the Zugspitze and the Olperer from there.

2 thoughts on “Sahara Sunset, Rotwand Summit, Bavaria, Germany

    • Actually I´m not grumbling, it´s turned out better than I thought it would! We had a phase here last winter when it was just low clag for weeks on end – get´s a bit much after a while – you have my sympathy!

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