Sahara Sand at the Rotwandhaus, Germany

Rotwandhaus Charles Kenwright

The Rotwandhaus, Mangfallgebirge, Germany
copyright: charles kenwright/

Günter and I walked up from Spitzingsee to the Rotwandhaus yesterday afternoon to spend the night there and photograph the sun going down over the Eastern Alps. Unfortunately we were thwarted by the Sahara sand which has been casting a rather gloomy blanket across the skies of Europe recently. We did take some photographs though, and we did spend the night up at the hut.

I´ll put a couple of shots up over the next few days, because, although we didn´t get that sunset hour, we did get some rather gloomy but interesting skies. The shot today was taken from just below the hut on the walk up. The hut stands above the snow field. There was still some blue skies to be seen, unfortunately, to the west, behind my back, the skies were darkening and filling with cloud and dust. That´s the way it goes with mountains, photography and sunsets.

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