Boat House, Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany

Ammersee Charles Kenwright

Boat House, Ammersee Germany
copyright: charles kenwright/

Ammersee lies south west of Munich. With a size of approximately 47 square kilometers,   it´s the 6th largest lake in Germany and was formed during the last Ice Age. The lake is fed by the River Ammer and emptied by the Amper. Ammersee and the Amper form part of the ancient Celtic amber trading route which led to the Brenner Pass and then on into Italy. Ammersee is also home to a vulnerable species of deep water Char ( Salvelinus profundus) which is very sensitive to changes in water temperature and condition.

I´ve had a bit of a play around with this image, adding punch and contrast. What do you people think of the “look”?


4 thoughts on “Boat House, Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany

  1. I like the image, but I like all pictures of huts, sheds and things like that. That’s an interesting fact about the Celtic amber trading route. We should know all about these things.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Thanks Alen,
      It says a lot about how they communicated too – easier by river as tramping through forest, I guess,

  2. Looks just great to me….nice perspective and gives the lie to the ‘informed knowledge’ that you shouldn’t compose down the centre of your image. Your comments on trading and using the waterways is perhaps even more significant when one reflects on just how much more of ‘Northern Europe’ was under water….

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