Primetime at the Kultfabrik, Munich, Germany

Kultfabrik, Munich Charles Kenwright

Boxing the night away at the Kultfabrik, Munich, Germany
copyright: charles kenwright/

By primetime, I mean I´ve just bought the 50mm Nikkor prime lens, it´s not so obvious as the big “oooh missis what a whopper!” zoom lenses. To try it out I had a wander around the Kultfabrik near the east main station in Munich. It occupies what used to be the Pfanni ready made food factory – they make things with spuds – the jury is out on that one!

The Kultfabrik is the home to a load of clubs, bars and a 30m high climbing gym. What really attracts me to the place is that I feel at home there, it could be in Liverpool or Manchester and has a great mix of dirt, colour and life! In fact it´s not really much like the usual impression one gets of squeaky clean Munich. These boxing machines and the wall behind really give one a visual upper cut to the jaw – great stuff!. I spent a couple of hours walking around the place and found – YES – two lost shoes, which I will be posting soon, maybe even tomorrow. So watch this space. Actually on the lost shoe front it´s been a bumper day, because I found one this morning too! I´m going to do more work here, coming back when the place is open and the clubers are out and about.

And my opinion about the prime lens? It´s fab!

4 thoughts on “Primetime at the Kultfabrik, Munich, Germany

  1. You mean it is nice and small so you can keep its purchase a secret!!
    I am sure you will love the speed and its light weight. Love mine but don’t use it as much as I should. Tried days with just the 50 on but usually came home more frustrated with what I had missed than the images I actually got…..note to self ‘must try harder’

  2. The 50mm is a classic, and a rare good deal for a superb lens. Nikon made its first 50mm in 1937, and has been producing them ever since. Much less intimidating for subjects on the street than some monster zoom. It also make you use your feet.

    • Hi Michael, yes indeed! One can get sort of lazy with a zoom, a prime, as you write, keeps you on the move.
      Thanks for the comment!

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