Tate and Lyle Sugar Refinery, Liverpool, UK

I took this in the 1980s down at Liverpool docks. It captures the demise of another piece of Liverpool industry,  the Tate and Lyle sugar refinery. As was often the case, such industry was positioned near where the raw product came ashore, in this case, sugar. As the Liverpool docks died, or were killed off, so died the industry that relied upon them. It´s a redevelopment of the site, or at least that´s what´s on the sign. Next time I´m there I´ll have to try and find the site again to see if it was redeveloped and into what, or if it´s still just an empty site. – After doing soe looking around on the www, I can now answer that question. The refinery area was turned into a housing co-operative, “The Eldonian Village”. So something good did come out of the disaster of at least 1500 lost jobs.

Tate and Lyle Sugar Refinery

Tate and Lyle Sugar Refinery, Liverpool Docks, UK.
copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

I´ve now found out more information about the demise of Tate and Lyle in Liverpool. This is an interesting site and check the film out too!

7 thoughts on “Tate and Lyle Sugar Refinery, Liverpool, UK

  1. I notice that you’ve included a welcome link to Ron Noon’s “Love Lane Lives” site and film.

    Here’s a link to a video from 1981, just before the Refinery closed. It’s mostly dedicated to the Liverpool department of Tate and Lyle Transport, whose Lockfields depot was located at the extreme northern end of Love Lane.

  2. The photo shows the conditioning silos ( tall cylindrical structures) sugar went in at the top and dry air at the bottom to dry off the sugar.
    The building behind was the D warehouse,the top floor of which were referred to as the D top.After conditioning, all granulated sugar passed through the D top en-route to the various packing destinations.
    The building behind that again was No1 Refinery where the sugar liquor was turned back to crystals before passing through the conditioning silos.I used to work in this building as a pansman.

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